Excellent opportunities in the periphery

The more important the environmental service sector becomes, the better the market will develop. The new Packaging Act therefore has the potential to drive growth.

This segment of the packaging industry also includes machinery and equipment for recycling of packaging, such as waste separation systems, sorters, shredders and presses. The importance of this part of the industry is growing as the environmental service sector becomes more important in Germany. Currently, the recycling economy has a turnover of around EUR 76 billion and employs over 290,000 people. The market segment is characterised by increasingly specialised divisions of labour and continuously rising standards for the recycling of raw materials. The production of the necessary technologies forms the basis for dynamic development of the entire sector.

The new Packaging Act, which enters into force on 1 January 2019, will boost this dynamic development. Then, by comparison with the currently applicable ordinance, new and higher recycling quotas will be set for packaging made of paper, glass, tinplate, aluminium, plastics and composites that accumulate at private end consumers. This applies to all packaging with which manufacturers must participate in the Dual System and which is disposed of via the collection of recyclable materials. From 2022 onwards, material recycling will have to be further increased, which means that the demand for high-performance machinery will continue to grow.


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In addition to systems, instruments and equipment for occupational safety and environmental technology, monitoring and testing devices are also classified as peripheral packaging equipment. These are used, among other things, in the testing of materials, for example in the quality control of plastic films and foils in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, which are tested for permeability or tightness to gas and water vapour. If food packaging is not hermetically sealed, the contents may spoil more quickly and the best-before date may not be reached. This is where for instance seal testing equipment is used to determine the necessary parameters for optimum sealing of film packaging.