Dm Launches Circular Economy Campaign

Under the motto „For our environment – from packaging to packaging,“ the drugstore retailer dm is launching a campaign on the topic of circular economy.

Until August 4, 2021, customers will receive valuable information on the topics of circular economy, recycling, and the use of recycled materials at dm with the help of various campaigns, posters, and postcards. The focus is on product packaging. In this, dm relies on a high proportion of recycled material. Since mid-July, interested parties have already been able to find interesting reading material about the circular economy and tips on how to do even better at recycling online at “”. On the social media platforms, the dm social media team provides information about dm’s use of packaging materials via videos and an online shopping challenge, among other things.

In the product development and manufacturing of packaging, dm takes care to use as little material as necessary and as much recycled material as possible, the company explains. In addition, the recyclability of its packaging is important to dm. This means that after product consumption, they can be returned to the cycle in the best possible way in the installed recycling facilities. In 2020, dm says it was able to save more than 2,900 tons of new plastic by using recyclate. Every ton of virgin plastic saved also avoids the emission of climate-relevant greenhouse gases, which are stated in terms of CO₂ equivalents. For the year 2020, this means that dm has avoided around 5,750 metric tons of CO₂ emissions because of the recycled content in dm brand packaging.