Hipp wants to use only recyclable packaging for baby food

As the market leader for organic baby food, the family business Hipp has now entered the discount business and set new goals.

The baby food manufacturer Hipp plans to use only recyclable materials in its packaging by 2025. To achieve this goal, it will use more glass and develop recyclable packaging from natural materials such as wood and grass which are not in competition with food, as Stefan Hipp, head of the family company, explains.

Plastic packaging is convenient for consumers, so consumer desires have so far been accepted. But now the company is looking for alternatives – which could also be recyclable plastics. In an interview with Lebensmittelzeitung, Stefan Hipp noted that the company is currently researching how renewable raw materials can be used in packaging. “In addition, we are already working completely climate neutral. But we can always get better.” When asked whether he wanted to strengthen confidence in the Hipp brand, he said: “Especially in the food industry, where we get so much from nature, we see it as our responsibility to protect our planet.”