Household cleaner as refill product

The new Cif ecorefill refill system for Unilever PLC’s „Cif Power & Shine“ detergent is set to eliminate 1.5 million plastic bottles from British supermarkets.

Unilever PLC recently introduced the Cif ecorefill refill package in the UK, reporting that consumers can use this to „refill and reuse their Cif spray bottles for life“. The refill package, with its rotating and clicking functions, sits so snugly on the bottle necks that, according to the manufacturer, it does not cause any soiling. Moreover the Cif ecorefill costs less than the original spray bottle. By comparison with the original bottle, the Cif ecorefill package consists of 75 percent less plastic and can easily be attached to the current Cif Power & Shine bottles. The tenfold concentrated active ingredient then flows into the respective bottle, which subsequently only needs to be filled with water. According to Unilever, this mixture produces the same cleaning effect as the original product.


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Ecorefill packs are 100% recyclable once the plastic sleeves have been removed. Moreover, by the end of 2020, all Cif Ecorefills and spray bottles are to consist of 100% recycled plastic. Unilever estimates that by diluting the concentrate at home, 97 percent less water will be transported, resulting in fewer trucks on the roads and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The manufacturer’s concept is for consumers to be able to use their Cif Power & Shine trigger spray bottles for life. If the spray head of the bottles should stop working at some point, customers can report this to the Cif hotline by telephone. They will then receive a new spray button delivered free buyer’s store.