Jägermeister with cool packaging

Jägermeister is best served cold. The herbal liqueur now comes with a new packaging made of plastic instead of glass. The new design is based on that of a cold pack.

The spirits manufacturer Mast-Jägermeister has made the packaging of its herbal liqueur Jägermeister cooler. Instead of in a glass bottle, it now comes in a PETG packaging that is suitable for outdoor activities. The design of the new Jägermeister is based on that of a cold pack, but features the typical green colour of the branded beverage. The new lightweight packaging will initially be available from specialist beverage wholesalers, announces the company.

In response to questioning, Sebastian Koenen, who as project manager in the area of innovation and design played a key role in developing the Coolpack, stated, „Jägermeister tastes best ice-cold, at a temperature of -18 degrees Centigrade, for which it has to be placed in the freezer compartment. With the globally unique packaging design, we have developed a strong solution for outdoor enjoyment, whose design language reminds our young target group of the recommended drinking temperature. At the same time, with the Jägermeister Coolpack we are supplying an iconic product „. He went on to say that in general, the Coolpack had been developed for all shot lovers who enjoy outdoor activities. „This is because the packaging is light. It fits into a jacket pocket and so you can take ice-cold Jägermeister with you – sometimes even to places where glass bottles are not permitted.“