Mondelēz Switches Cheese Brands to Recyclable Packaging

Mondelēz has now been using recyclable packaging for its Dairylea and Philadelphia cheese brands in the UK and Ireland since August 2021. The move is part of the company’s „Pack Light and Pack Right“ strategy, which aims for all packaging to be recyclable by 2025, among other targets.

Dairylea is the leading processed cheese brand in the UK and Philadelphia is the leading soft cheese brand in the UK and Ireland. Mondelēz International now announced a packaging change for both, namely to recyclable material. The company has switched from polystyrene to largely recycled PET plastic for the packaging of Mini Tubs and Handi Snacks. As a result, the company has eliminated the use of approximately 487 tons of polystyrene. Dairylea Lunchables uses recycled plastic, reducing the need for virgin plastic by 75 percent, or 276 tons per year.

Conversion is moving forward

„Snacking Made Right means making our products with packaging people can recycle,“ said Louise Stigant, UK managing director of Mondelēz International. Mondelēz International’s global goal is to rely entirely on recyclable packaging by 2025. It also aims to reduce the use of virgin plastic in rigid plastic packaging by 25 percent. Part of the strategy also includes recycling information on packaging.

Starting in late 2022, Philadelphia is expected to be the first major cheese brand to pioneer the use of chemical recycling. Earlier this year, Mondelēz Interational partnered with retailers and other leading FMCG companies to fund the Flexible Plastics Fund in the UK. The fund aims to drive progress in the collection of flexible plastics from households.