PepsiCo plans to sell canned water too

PepsiCo, producer of the Pepsi soft drink, plans to sell water in aluminum cans in the USA. The new packaging form is to be tested first in restaurants and cafés.

PepsiCo wants to reduce the usage of new plastic and has therefore planned extensive packaging changes. In the USA, the beverage group intends to offer its Aquafina brand water in aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles in future. The changeover is to take place step by step – the sale of water in cans will begin in catering outlets, after which the cans are also to be available in supermarkets.

Changeovers are also planned for other Pepsi brands. By the end of 2020, packaging of the premium water brand LIFEWTR is to consist of 100 percent recyclable plastic. The bubyl brand of carbonated soft drinks will no longer be available in plastic bottles. In the USA they are currently available in cans and bottles. With the changes, the group hopes among other things to save more than 8,000 tons of new plastic per year,. In the USA, PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta, explained that the reduction of plastic waste was one of his priorities and a personal challenge. According to PepsiCo, the company offers the world’s largest range of food and beverage brands with sales running into billions.