Alnatura Opts for Reusable Packaging

Since May 2020, Alnatura organic markets throughout Germany have been selling various nut muse, nuts and teas in reusable jars. The standard jars can be easily reintegrated into a regional deposit cycle when returned.

Packaging nuts, nuts and teas in returnable jars is still not very common. According to Alnatura, it is in any case the first chain store retailer to offer these products from selected manufacturers in returnable deposit jars. The „yoghurt standard jars“ can be reused up to 50 times when returned to the regional deposit cycle. „The reusable cycles for juice, water, beer and for milk and yoghurt have proven themselves,“ explains packaging expert Isabell Kuhl from Alnatura. „If we now offer more organic products in returnable glass jars, new cycles will be created and the ecologically sensible reusable system will be expanded due to the increasing demand. For us, this is an innovative and important step towards reducing packaging waste“. The nuts and nut muse come from fairfood in Freiburg, the tea is supplied by the KarmaKollektiv in Berlin.

The reusable concept is being continuously expanded

Alnatura intends to further expand the range with reusable alternatives. The oat drink from organic juice producer Voelkel has been available in a reusable bottle at Alnatura since February. Product by product, all packaging of Alnatura products is to be put to the test and optimised with a focus on resource conservation and sustainability. For about a year now, Alnatura has not been offering plastic bags for fruit and vegetables or disposable coffee cups. With this step, the organic retailer avoids the annual consumption of 20 tons of plastic and 300,000 disposable cups made of coated cardboard, according to its own calculations.