Bye, bye Package Inserts

Sebapharma, a leading company in medical skin cleansing and body care and known for the brand name “sebamed,” is gradually discontinuing the production of all instruction leaflets.

The cleansing and care products from “sebamed” are also available in drugstore departments and are not pharmaceuticals. Nevertheless, up to now there has been an information leaflet in the secondary packaging in addition to the actual product. Now the manufacturer Sebapharma wants to reduce these notes bit by bit. The axed information leaflets will make a sustainable contribution to resource conservation.

In one year, the paper and printing ink of 7.6 million package inserts – equivalent to around 335 tons of wood – can be saved, the company calculates. “We now use QR code technology for more detailed product information. On the folding boxes, customers can scan a QR code with their cell phones to quickly and easily find out more product information.

In addition, QR code technology allows us to tailor current promotions or special news to a specific country and make changes within a very short time,” says Udo Klüwer, Head of Global Marketing, describing another advantage of the QR code communication that has now been introduced. The medical skin care brand “sebamed” is available in more than 100 countries. In Germany, you can already find the QR code on the majority of “sebamed” products, which communicates further information about the product performance.