Danone Enters the Returnable Glass Business

Amid its corporate restructuring, the French Danone Group is breaking new ground in the water business: the Volvic brand is launching Naturwald Quelle, a regional mineral water in returnable glass bottles.

The discussion about plastics and reusable quotas is prompting major corporations such as Danone and Nestlé to take new steps. Volvic manufacturer Danone will be launching a mineral water in returnable glass bottles for the first time starting July 2021.

Sustainability is a key issue for Volvic. That is why Volvic is certified climate-neutral and relies on 100 percent recycled plastic for its packaging. To meet the growing trend for regional offerings in glass bottles, Volvic is now launching „Naturwald Quelle,“ a regional natural mineral water from the Hunsrück region.

Volvic’s goal is to offer a regional natural mineral water that meets high quality and sustainability standards, according to a press release. A major focus is on the use of returnable glass bottles. Since non-refillable PET bottles are the most ecologically sensible packaging for Volvic’s original due to the weight and transport distance, Volvic decided to break new ground. That is why Volvic is now launching a regional natural mineral water. Naturwald Quelle is characterized by its origin in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park, a gentle taste, and sustainable packaging in the form of returnable glass bottles. Naturwald Quelle is only distributed regionally and thus relies on short transport routes, which makes refillable returnable glass bottles ecologically more advantageous. It is available in non-sparkling and medium-sparkling varieties.

„After an intensive search, we are very pleased to be able to introduce Naturwald Quelle from the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park starting summer 2021. We have decided to offer Naturwald Quelle regionally in returnable glass bottles. After all, glass bottles are only truly sustainable if transport distances are as short as possible and if the bottles can be refilled up to 50 times,“ explains Corinna Ortner, Managing Director Danone Waters D-A-CH & BeNeLux. The Volvic range will stay available.