Food In Deposit Jars

In an effort to reduce the use of plastic, Kaufland is offering food in deposit jars for the first time. For
the time being, this offer is a test in ten stores.

Kaufland customers in certain stores can choose from up to 90 organic-quality items offered in
deposit jars: including muesli, rice, couscous, sugar, flour, porridge, gummy bears, and various nuts
and dried fruits. The empty jars are returned via the reverse vending machines and thus reenter the
reusable cycle.

„The responsible and resource-saving design of our product range is our top priority. We are
therefore constantly testing new options for sustainable and easy purchasing,“ says Robert Pudelko,
Head of Purchasing Sustainability. „With these deposit jars in addition to the unpackaged stations,
we offer another innovative and practical solution for dispensing with packaging materials such as
The food in the deposit jars is provided Eco Terra, a supplier that specializes in offering unpackaged
food. The company is committed to preserving biodiversity, respecting traditional knowledge, and
ensuring that everyone involved in the supply chain receives a fair share of the value created.
Kaufland is taking numerous measures to avoid or reduce the use of plastic. For example, the
company is currently testing the use of unpackaged stations in eight stores, also in cooperation with
Eco Terra. As part of the Schwarz Group, Kaufland is committed to the group-wide plastic strategy
REset Plastic. Together, the group is pursuing the vision: less plastic – closed cycles.
According to the company, the test is taking place in these stores: Ansbach, Ritter-von-Lang-Allee;
Augsburg-Göggingen, Gögginger Straße; Erding, Dachauer Straße; Erlangen, Westl.
Stadtmauerstraße and Carl-Thiersch-Straße; Landsberg, Am Penzinger Feld; Munich-Neuperlach,
Ollenhauerstraße; Neusäß, Daimlerstraße; Ravensburg, Weißenauerstraße and Weingarten,