Frosch Beats Mr. Clean

For the 19th time in a row, the „Frosch“ brand has been voted „Most Trusted Brand“ in the household cleaning category. In the study initiated by Reader’s Digest since 2001, the brand from Werner & Mertz achieved new record values.

The results speak for themselves: in 2017, 28 percent of those surveyed named „Frosch“ as the most trustworthy brand among household cleaners, while the figure in the „Trusted Brands 2020“ climbed to 39 percent – well ahead of the runner-up „Mr. Clean“ (12 percent) and among a total of over 100 cleaning brands named. This means that „Frosch“ has now been voted the most trusted brand for the 19th time in succession. Reader’s Digest has been raising the level of brand trust among Germans in the „Trusted Brands“ since 2001. The question of the most trustworthy brands without brand specifications is asked. This further increases the significance of the result.

„Acting in harmony with the environment“

Obviously, consumers find the sustainable orientation of owner and environmental prize winner Reinhard Schneider very convincing. According to the study, environmental protection is in any case becoming increasingly important to consumers and is one of the factors that determines trustworthiness. The Frosch brand is one of the top 3 brands in this performance category. „Especially in the current situation, it is clear that we need an economy that operates in balance, that also has an interest in creating stability so that we act in harmony with our environment. Consumers have recognized this for a long time, as the Most Trusted Brands Study impressively shows“, says Werner & Mertz owner Schneider.

Consistently sustainable orientation

In 2000, Schneider took over the management of the company and declared the holistic and sustainable orientation to be a top priority. This includes, for example, the increased use of European vegetable oils for the „Frosch“ brand recipes, the recycling of used plastic from end-user collections for packaging, and voluntary environmental audits of the company in accordance with EU regulations. For its ecological commitment, Schneider has been awarded the German Environmental Prize 2019 by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.