Gillette and Gillette Venus in cardboard

Procter & Gamble is introducing plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging for its Gillette and Gillette Venus system razors in April 2021. The switch is expected to save around 545 tons of plastic annually across Europe.

From April 2021, the Gillette and Gillette Venus system razors will be packaged entirely in recyclable cardboard. The packaging will be made from at least 37 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. The inner shell of the box will be made of fully recyclable cellulose with 95 percent PCR. Both the carton pack and the inner tray are FSC-certified. The changeover will save 545 tons of plastic each year across Europe, according to Procter & Gamble (P&G).

The new launch is one step the two brands are taking toward P&G’s 2030 sustainability goals, which include reducing the amount of virgin plastic used in packaging by 50 percent by then. “As an industry and market leader, we recognize that we have a critical role to play in driving significant change,” explains Pankaj Bhalla, senior vice president, Europe, Grooming at P&G.

Longer lasting handpieces

As the company also says, the Gillette and Gillette Venus product portfolios are constantly being developed to offer consumers long-lasting products – another contribution to sustainability. For example, starting in 2021, Gillette Venus will offer two options when choosing a handpiece, which for almost all razors will be either metal or plastic with 30 percent PCR. The handpieces can reportedly be used for five years or longer if well cared for.