„Green Beauty“ at Garnier

By 2025, the Garnier brand, which belongs to L’Oréal, wants to do without 100 percent of the use of new plastic in packaging. One step along the way: In the „Garnier BIO“ line, the caring organic hemp gel cream now uses a cosmetic tube partly made of paper.

With the „Garnier BIO“ line, which was launched in 2019, Garnier also wants to bring natural cosmetics closer to users of conventional cosmetics. Garnier developed an innovative cosmetic tube for its certified natural cosmetics brand in July 2020, in close cooperation with packaging specialist Albéa, for the caring organic hemp gel cream. For the cosmetic tube, part of the plastic was replaced by cardboard. The tube contains an FSC-certified, paper-based material. It thus reduces the plastic content by 49 percent.

“Green Beauty“ sustainability program

With its „Green Beauty“ program, Garnier is committed to even greater sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle. According to the company, every element of the value-added chain is to be addressed in order to significantly reduce the environmental impact by 2025.

Garnier is committed to these goals in the new sustainability report, which was audited by the management consultancy & auditing firm PWC. It includes plans for the increased use of recycled materials: by 2025, Garnier wants to do without 100% of new plastic in its packaging and thus save 37,000 tons of plastic per year.

By 2025, all packaging should also be reusable, recyclable or compostable. In 2019, the use of recycled plastics has already saved 3,670 tonnes of new plastic.