Lightweight Packaging for the Cooking Box

HelloFresh belongs to the winners in times of the Corona crisis. Recently, the cooking box mail-order company started using lightweight packaging from Ecolean for a range of products. They are designed to offer customers a more sustainable and convenient packaging solution.

Already in the first quarter of 2020, HelloFresh delivered over 111 million meals worldwide and reached 4.18 million active customers. In the times of the „lockdown“ caused by the Corona pandemic, demand surged strongly. And the more cooking boxes are shipped, the more packaging is produced.

In order not to neglect environmental protection during the economic rise, the internationally operating Berlin company has been cooperating with the Swedish packaging specialist Ecolean since April 2020. In Germany and Austria, for example, créme fraiche and sour cream are filled in Ecolean Air packaging, which uses very little plastic. The packaging concept is also to be rolled out in Denmark and Sweden.

Reducing the proportion of plastic

„We want to offer people a much more sustainable way of shopping and consuming food“, says Tilman Eichstaedt, Senior Vice President international Product, Procurement and Sustainability at HelloFresh. „With the change to the lightweight packaging of Ecolean, we are reducing the amount of plastic used for our cooking boxes more and more“.

Of course, Ecolean’s lightweight packaging should also provide food safety and convenience for the consumer. „Light, flexible packaging means less environmental impact and less packaging waste,“ says Andreas Jeppsson, Regional Director, Europe, at Ecolean, „At the same time, the soft packaging and ease of use ensure maximum consumer satisfaction and less food waste.”