Lush Buys Back Packaging

International cosmetics brand Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is introducing its new recycling program to the German market.

Lush is particularly known for its soaps in Germany. To improve the return rate, Lush is now offering customers the opportunity to have 50 cents credited to their purchase for each Lush package returned.

The aim of the „Bring-it-back“ program is to increase the recycling rate of Lush’s own packaging and keep it in a closed loop. The program is already up and running in the UK and Ireland.

Unlike the classic bottle deposit, however, customers are not charged an extra amount for the packaging when they buy their Lush product. Lush buys it back, so to speak. Packaging should be cleaned by consumers before returning it, the company asks.

„Our goal is to take as much responsibility as possible for the waste we put on the market,“ explains Ruth Andrade, Head of Regenerative Impact & Earth Care at Lush.