Major Brand Relaunch at Beiersdorf

The Health Care brands Hansaplast, Elastoplast and Curitas have been given a freshly revised packaging design worldwide. This is intended to give consumers better orientation. The relaunch also includes improvements to the product portfolio.

Beiersdorf has given its healthcare brands a comprehensive relaunch. A key aspect is the revised packaging for products under the Hansaplast, Elastoplast, and Curitas brands. The new packaging design is intended to make it easier for customers to find their way around when they are standing in front of the sales shelf. As such, each folding box features simple written and visual information about the product, with micro-embossed product images in actual sizes.

The relaunch includes improvements to the existing product portfolio. The plasters prevent 99 percent of bacteria from coming into contact with the wound, according to Beiersdorf. The plasters‘ reliable protection is highlighted by a “Bacteria Shield” logo. In addition, pictograms with expert guidance on wound care routines are included in line with the motto “Experts recommend”.

Paper and plastic saved

For better environmental performance, according to Beiersdorf the new, lighter folding cartons save 106 tons of paper per year and are designed for maximum recyclability. FSC-certified paper is used for all products with paper or cardboard packaging. In accordance with the detailed specifications of the “Beiersdorf Plastic Pledge 2025”, plastic is also avoided as far as possible in the new packaging. The elimination of plastic for sealed bags alone saves 83 tons of plastic per year. Beiersdorf has calculated that this amount is equivalent to a continuous strip of plaster being wrapped around the world 13.5 times.