Mattresses in the Paper Packaging

More and more products are being packaged in paper instead of film. Mondi has developed a new packaging for mattress manufacturer Megaflex Schaumstoff – made of kraft paper.

Packaging manufacturer Mondi has developed Protector Bag ExpandForm, a paper bag solution (photo: Mondi) with an expandable function for safely rolling up mattresses. Protector Bag ExpandForm replaces the mattress manufacturer’s current plastic packaging with a flexible and recyclable alternative. The solution is customizable and can be expanded to different sizes, Mondi explains. The mattress is held securely in the new packaging, it adds. Mondi’s paper bag is puncture-resistant and suitable for printing, allowing brands to personalize their deliveries with a high-quality finish. „Unlike plastic, the paper layers are also breathable and can release gases that can easily evaporate in this new packaging,“ Mondi said.

Megaflex Foam, a family-owned manufacturer of flexible foams, mattresses and sleep products, is the first company to protect its products with this new packaging, according to Mondi. Megaflex worked closely with Mondi and machine manufacturer FillMatic to ensure the switch from its current plastic roll packaging line.

The collaboration resulted in the new solution being up and running quickly and with only a few adjustments to the packaging machinery, it says. Megaflex plans to replace its entire line of plastic rollpack packaging with paper by the end of 2023, using Mondis Protector Bag ExpandForm. Plastic roll-pack packaging can expand by up to 200 percent during transport, taking up space and potentially deforming the outer cardboard packaging. Meanwhile, one advantage of Protector Bag ExpandForm is that it is dimensionally stable – saving shipping and storage costs.