Mixing Fanta Yourself

In Germany, Fanta Orange, Sprite and Mezzo Mix will be available as beverage syrups starting March 2021 as part of a pilot project. This will allow consumers to mix the beverages to their own taste – and Coca-Cola will save on packaging.

Coca-Cola is testing another way to reduce packaging waste in Germany. From March, the company will be offering Fanta Orange, Sprite and Mezzo Mix as a beverage syrup online and in selected stationary stores. This allows consumers to make their own drinks at home by adding carbonated water, in accordance with their own preferences.

“We are working on new ways to offer the beverages our consumers love, with less packaging”, says Bjorn Jensen, General Manager Coca-Cola Germany, Denmark and Finland. “As part of this, we are now testing Fanta Orange, Sprite and Mezzo Mix as syrup variants for carbonated water in Germany.“ The company wants to test solutions and learn from the results in order to follow up on those that are successful and resonate with consumers. The syrup variants are offered in a 0.33-liter glass bottle, which can be used to make five liters of ready-to-drink beverage. Further pilot projects with dispenser solutions are to follow in Europe over the course of the year.

Dispensing beverages yourself

In late 2020, bottler Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) had announced the completion of an investment in Lavit, a leading manufacturer of multi-beverage countertop dispensers. The Lavit system is based on globally patented technology and allows consumers to mix their own beverage in seconds. A range of options are available at the touch of a button, with the system offering alternatives with carbonation and flavor in mind.

Explaining the investment, CCEP had said that the partnership with Lavit will help them research and test new dispensing solutions, which represent an important strategic path to eliminating packaging waste. In September 2020, CCEP Ventures had taken on a 25 percent stake in Innovative Tap Solutions (IST). This company also provides technology that helps consumers tap their own beverages.