More Reusable Packaging at Alnatura

Alnatura introduces nut butter and fruit puree in new deposit jars by Circujar. This has further broadened the organic retailer’s rangeof products sold in reusable packaging.

Since the beginning of March, Alnatura stores in Germany are offering organic products in returnable jars from the „Circujar“ returnable system. As the company points out, it is the first major food retailer to carry products in these returnable jars in its range. Available in them are various types of nut butter by Fairfood Freiburg, as well as fruit purees and a hazelnut spread by Pfandwerk brand, which is available exclusively at Alnatura.

The young Munich-based company Circujar has established its own reusable cycle specifically for spreads, preserves and the like. Over the past three years, Circujar has developed universally usable reusable jars for these products. Customers return the emptied jars to the deposit machine in stores. They are then taken to a rinsing plant for cleaning and then back to the next canning company. Circujar thus ensures a closed reusable cycle. According to Alnatura, the system is suitable for both larger and smaller production facilities that are unable to invest in their own rinsing system for returnable jars.

Reusable pioneer Alnatura

Alnatura has been involved in the development of this reusable system from the very beginning and has been on hand to advise the Circujar team. Alnatura stores have long carried a wide range of beverages and dairy products in reusable packaging. In the summer of 2020, this was expanded to include products from other product groups that are otherwise sold in disposable packaging.

„Circujar involved us at a very early stage in their business start-up“, explains packaging expert Isabell Kuhl from Alnatura. „Looking back, I’m sure this helped them develop such a well thought-out-reusable system.“