Organic Spices in Cardboard and Cork

Select and sell fine herbs and spices responsibly: This is the claim by Rudolf Rehrl, managing director of Rupperti-Gewürze. He has found a sustainable packaging solution for his brand „Aromica Tradizio“ together with Sonoco.

With „Aromica“ Rupperti-Gewürze is primarily aimed at professionals, but also at demanding hobby cooks. Under the brand name „Aromica Tradizio“ the company sells, among other things, rare organic spices such as opal basil and mountain pine from the Alps – in Germany, Italy and Austria. „We obtain our ingredients from independent local farmers according to the seasons,“ says founder, managing director and trained chef Rudolf Rehrl. „With our ‚Aromica Tradizio‘ line, we can now also meet the increasing demands of our customers for organic products – and in addition to the catering trade, we also see the opportunity to sell our products in selected food stores. 

Making high standards visible

Of course, the demands of the brand should also be reflected in sustainable packaging. The cans consist of a recyclable cardboard sleeve and a biodegradable cork lid. This is intended to protect the contents, but also to convey the sustainability claim to the outside world. The cardboard sleeve is laminated with a thin, aluminium-free foil. This means that the packaging can be recycled according to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding paper waste. The resealable cork lid can be disposed of with the organic waste.

Of course, the packaging concept was not only designed with sustainability in mind: the visual appearance also makes the spices stand out on the supermarket shelf. „In the case of Aromica, we worked with the customer to develop innovative packaging components that fit perfectly with the dynamic start-up character of the brand and thus lay the foundation for growth in the coming years,“ says Francesco Giannolo, Sales Director Sonoco Consumer Products Europe.