Philadelphia Cup in Recycled Plastic

Starting in 2022, Mondelēz plans to use recycled plastic for the packaging of Philadelphia-brand fresh cheese throughout Europe. This is intended to send a visible signal to the industry and provide impetus for the use of recycled material. The changeover is being implemented in cooperation with Berry Global.

It will be a while before the new packaging hits the shelves. But Mondelēz has already made headway with the announcement in June 2020: recycled plastic is to be used in the packaging of the popular and widely known fresh cheese of the Philadelphia brand from 2022 onwards. The planned use of recycled material is an important step towards limiting plastic waste and supports closed-loop recycling systems, says Mondelēz.

The increased use of recycled plastic will boost the demand for recycled material and significantly reduce the need to produce new material, Mondelēz believes. „With this step, we can make a contribution, together with our consumers, to reducing the production of new packaging material and instead support a closed-loop economy for plastics,“ says Bettina Gott-Schlüter, Marketing Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Mondelēz International.

Chemical recycling

Mondelēz is aware that recyclable packaging design alone will not solve the problem of plastic waste. The company therefore supports initiatives to increase recovery and recycling rates around the world, it says. For the new packaging, Mondelēz is working with plastics specialist Berry Global.

To explain the recycling technology used, Berry Global referred to a partnership with the chemical company Sabic to promote chemical recycling. Chemical recycling is intended to make it possible to reuse plastics where previously used recycling methods were not effective.