Recyclable Paper Spoon

Ferrero has published an update on its packaging strategy. Among other things, it announces the introduction of a new paper spoon for „Kinder Joy“. The prospect is a plastic reduction of more than 1,500 tons per year compared to the spoon previously used.

Ferrero had already announced some time ago that by 2025 all packaging would be 100 percent reusable, recyclable or compostable. In May 2020 there was a first update on the status quo. One innovation: A more sustainable spoon solution was found for „Kinder Joy“.

Manufactured from high-quality fresh paper from a certified sustainable supply chain, the spoon was developed by the company’s own R&D team and realized in cooperation with selected suppliers, the company announced. Using ultrasonic technology, the new spoon is sealed in the plastic film and does not require any additional substances or additives.

Saving 1,500 tons of plastic

The new „Kinder Joy“ spoon will be launched in all EU countries in early 2021 and worldwide from 2022. It has passed safety and recycling tests and, according to market researchers, is also well received by consumers. Once the launch is complete, the new paper spoon will reduce the carbon footprint by an estimated 45 percent compared to its predecessor and will reduce plastics consumption by more than 1,500 metric tons per year.

Research on chemical recycling

Ferrero also announced support for research into chemical recycling solutions and is participating in the Reciplast project. Chemical recycling could potentially help recycle complex plastics where mechanical recycling is not an option, Ferrero said.

It may increase the availability of recycled plastic that can be reused in food packaging. Reciplast is a project co-financed by the European Union and the Piedmont Region. It aims to improve the environmental performance of plastic components in the automotive and packaging industries.