Rewe Has Robots Deliver Groceries in Hamburg

The Rewe Group wants to be the first grocer to use small robotic vehicles from US manufacturer Cartken to deliver groceries in Hamburg.

Amazon has just discontinued the test phase for delivery robots in the US as unsuccessful, now REWE wants to start. By the end of 2022, three of the „delivery bots“ are expected to be in use for Rewe in the Hanseatic city.

Automotive supplier Magna and autonomous delivery robot company Cartken have recently begun collaborating on automated delivery. Cartken’s autonomous delivery robots are equipped with multiple cameras and respond in real time to a variety of situations. This enables a combination of machine learning and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping)-based navigation algorithms. The delivery robots can be used outdoors and indoors and are equipped with a remote monitoring system so that a human can intervene in an emergency.

Magna has begun manufacturing Cartken’s „Model C“ at its Michigan plant. Production is expected to increase gradually over the next few months. The robots will be used for autonomous delivery applications in shopping malls, hotels, universities, retail, food service and warehouses. With the expansion of their cooperation, the companies plan to develop and offer more autonomous delivery robots based on the same platform for different application areas and robot-as-a-service business models. „This partnership is an important step to expand our business and bring more Model C to the world,“ said Christian Bersch, co-founder and CEO of Cartken.