Rossmann Reduces Plastic in Private Label Packaging

Record sales in its anniversary year: drugstore retailer Rossmann can look back on a successful year. According to the company, the use of sustainable packaging has also risen sharply.

For the first time, Rossmann achieved record sales of 12.15 billion euros across the Group in 2022, with a sales growth of 9.5 percent. The company with currently more than 4,510 stores thus looked back on a very successful development in the year of its 50th anniversary, In its current annual report, Rossmann also cites figures regarding their packaging: the drugstore retailer has been able to reduce the use of plastic in packaging for its own brands by a double-digit percentage over the past two years – despite a significant increase in sales volumes.

Recycled plastic for private labels

The use of recycled plastic has also risen sharply and, for example, already accounts for up to 90 percent of total packaging for Rossmann’s “Isana” brand and the sustainable “Eco Freude” laundry and cleaning brand. The goal for 2023 is to further expand this positive development. The sustainability report is to provide more detailed information on this in April 2023.

Rossmann has already been involved in several sustainability initiatives for several years. For example, the company is a member of the Forum Rezyklat. The Forum Rezyklat was initiated by dm-drogerie markt in 2018 and sees itself as an alliance. Around 50 members consisting of retailers, product and packaging manufacturers, the German dual systems, waste management companies, recycling companies, and representatives from research and politics, represent the entire value chain along the circular economy. Together, the Forum Rezyklat works on strategies and measures to raise people’s awareness of the circular economy in order to achieve sorting of recyclables by type.