Saier Verpackungstechnik Receives Award For Sustainable Bucket

The jury of the German Sustainability Award 2022 has awarded Saier Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG with the special packaging award.

The S-Liner peel pail from Saier Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a pioneer when it comes to the recyclability of packaging, according to the jury. For building materials such as wall paints or construction adhesives, packaging is indispensable on the one hand, but on the other hand material residues often interfere with the recycling process of the containers. Here, there is currently no sensible alternative to plastic packaging. Therefore, the idea of recyclability and thus the recyclability of the materials is in the foreground. The S-Liner Peel pail is lined with a thin, peelable inner film that can simply be peeled off after use and removed together with the product residues. Instead of waste, what remains is a clean bucket that can be recycled and potentially even refilled.

On construction sites, buckets are often reused for other applications as well. Peel film eliminates the need for costly and water-intensive washout. In addition, the construction materials washed out during conventional cleaning pollute the wastewater. Therefore, the S-Liner Peel also contributes to an improvement here. Potentially, the inner liner also opens up the possibility of industrial refilling.

The company Saier Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned company specializing in the field of plastic packaging. An important product area is packaging pails for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, construction and building supply industries with, for example, wall paints. The company was among the winners of the 2021 German Packaging Award in the sustainability category. Three other companies have been among the finalists of the Special Packaging Award of the German Sustainability Award, the award was presented on December 2, 2022 in Düsseldorf.