What Means „Transition in Packaging“ For You?

The main theme of FACHPACK 2022 is „Transition in Packaging“. We asked representatives from the packaging industry what this motto means to them. You can find the survey in the daily trade show newsletter, and here are the first answers.

Valeska Haux, Vice President Strategic Marketing at SÜDPACK and FACHPACK Trade Fair Advisory Board member:

„We are actively shaping the transformation process in the packaging industry. What’s more, we are also driving it. Because sustainability is not a trend for us, but a program: We develop high-performance films that are characterized by low material use and certified recyclability, and we also work continuously on the development of products from renewable resources. We have invested heavily in new technologies and the expansion of our capacities to produce PP- and PE-based monomaterials. And we are intensively engaged in the further development of the pioneering Carboliq technology to be able to keep existing plastics in the cycle and save raw materials through chemical recycling. After all, by changing the system, we could significantly reduce the incineration rate of plastic waste and the use of virgin materials made from fossil raw materials.“

Thomas Halletz, CEO KIEFEL GmbH

Thomas Halletz von KIEFEL„With Transition in Packaging, we particularly associate the change that sustainability has triggered for the packaging industry. Consumers, the market as well as legislation are all calling for an ever stronger rethinking in the direction of „Reduce, Reuse, Recycle“. What does this mean for us? As a machine engineering company that develops technologies for the production of packaging, we now offer equipment for processing classic, recycled or bio-based plastics as well as for processing natural fibers.“

Photo: Timm Schamberger/ KIEFEL GmbH


Steffen Prodinger, managing partner PRODINGER Verpackung, FACHPACK trade show advisory board.

Steffen Prodinger„Transition in Packaging as the leading theme of Fachpack accurately describes the developments that mean challenges for our industry, but also great opportunities. I take a skeptical view of the important aspect of sustainability being overshadowed by blind idealism. Sustainability is definitely not a trend. Custom-fit concepts that can be implemented seamlessly into the customer’s existing structures and, above all, support their specific sustainability goals are required. Packaging must also continue to fulfill its purpose, one hundred percent product protection.“