Consistently more sustainability

Frosta, one of the leading producers of frozen foods, is considered a pioneer in sustainable packaging. This leading position is to be maintained.

Joint project

For two years, Frosta experts, in cooperation with the Green Dot, examined the life cycle of packaging from the selection of raw materials to recycling. The climate footprint of the film packaging was improved by 30 percent and material consumption significantly reduced as a result of changes.

Single-variety material

Since the beginning of 2016, plastic packaging has consisted only of PP. The unmixed material and the light basic colour of the packaging facilitate recycling substantially. Although composites of different types of plastic can also be recycled, the materials are difficult to separate and process further.

Certified folding cartons

Frosta has been using FSC-certified raw materials for folding cartons since 2012. The Forest Stewardship Council’s eco-label ensures that forests are managed in ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically profitable ways.

Environmentally friendly watercolours

All packaging is printed with water-based inks because the solvent-based inks commonly used in the industry can be harmful to the environment in spite of elaborate disposal. Water-based inks are also characterized by lower ink consumption.

More versatile fillet tray

Fish fillets are no longer placed in an aluminium tray, but instead in a PET-coated cardboard tray. This allows them to be prepared not only in the oven, but also in the microwave, thus saving time and energy.

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