Arctic Water in Aluminum Packaging

The Norwegian brand Lofoten Arctic Water is being launched in a Ball resealable aluminum bottle – initially in Norway, Germany, France, Taiwan and the UK. Other markets are to follow.

The islands of Lofoten are located between latitudes 68 and 69 degrees north of the Arctic Circle and rise as a rugged mountain landscape straight out of the ocean. Lofoten Arctic Water is an authentic product of this region, neither filtered nor distilled. Now this water is to be made available to consumers worldwide, according to the goal of Lofoten Arctic Water.  The water from the far north aims to stand out from the competition thanks to its very low mineral content and particularly soft, clear taste.

The water from the Norwegian brand Lofoten Arctic Water is bottled in resealable aluminum bottles from Ball Corporation. The aluminum bottles hold 473 ml and are designed in blue, white and red in reference to the Norwegian flag. The brand has already received several awards for bottle design and taste. The market launch will initially start in Norway, Germany, France, Taiwan and the UK, with other countries to follow.

Almost endlessly recyclable

Lofoten Arctic Water was looking for a new packaging solution that would not pose a risk of water contamination from microplastics. The choice fell on Ball’s “Alumi-Tek” bottle. “We chose the aluminum bottle for several reasons,” says Ivar S. Williksen, CEO of Lofoten Arctic Water. “The pure water chills faster, the bottles work brilliantly on the go and aluminium recycles forever.” Sustainability is a core value for the company, he said, because they want to protect the precious nature that the product owes its existence to.

The bottles were designed by Strømme Throndsen Design. At the 2020 Zenith Global Water Drinks Awards, the resealable bottles were named “Best Natural Still” and “Best Natural Sparkling”, along with the “Best in Can” packaging award. They previously won a silver medal for their design at the Pentawards.

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