Coca-Cola HBC Rolls Out KeelClip

In Ireland, Northern Ireland and Austria, bottler Coca-Cola HBC has begun to introduce KeelClip technology, the first step in its plan to replace plastic film on all returnable cans in the European Union markets.

The initiative is expected to help avoid more than 3,000 tons of CO2 and 2,000 tons of plastic each year: A new “Grip&Go” cardboard packaging with KeelClip technology replaces the plastic film previously used. The concept is the result of a 15 million Euro investment by bottler Coca-Cola HBC in a strategic partnership with Graphic Packaging International. The introduction in all of the company’s EU markets as well as in Switzerland should be completed by early 2022. As part of the agreement with Graphic Packaging, Coca-Cola HBC will install eleven KeelClip machines in seven countries.

“The new packaging not only avoids the plastic film, but also significantly reduces the amount of paper or cardboard previously required,” emphasizes Mark Joainig, Public Affairs and Communications Director Coca-Cola HBC Austria.

Praise from a retailer

“Coca-Cola HBC has taken a leadership position in the soft drink category, introducing a really new type of packaging,” praises Alan Crawford, Commercial Director of Spar/Eurospar Ireland. “The appearance of the multipack cans in KeelClip packaging is also more attractive to our customers, so we expect the change to support increased sales as well as taking an important sustainability position.”

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