Tattoo-Style Packaging

The Dutch coffee brand Zuivere Koffie produces organic coffee that is roasted in prison. Metsä Board’s brief for the packaging solution was to be sustainable and distinctive.

When designing its new coffee range, Dutch coffee brand Zuivere Koffie wanted packaging that was both sustainable and distinctive. To achieve these two goals, the company decided to work with Metsä Board, a producer of premium fresh fibre board. The further processing company, Remmert Dekker Packaging, made it to its mission to give this project that certain something: A total of five different print designs for the various types of coffee were to express the social commitment around the product the product and the brand’s extraordinary history.

Coffee from prison

Because Zuivere Koffie is the only company worldwide that produces organic coffee that is roasted in prison. The company thus offers both incarcerated and former prisoners the opportunity to learn a new trade. “We wanted to develop an unusual coffee packaging that stands out in the highly competitive coffee market,” explains Linda Tammerijn, Managing Director of Koffiebranderij Zuivere Koffie. “The packaging should be eye-catching and convey something about the special history of our coffee.”

To achieve this, the challenge was to find the right look and feel for the packaging. In its branding, the company relies on a tattoo style that is rich in symbols. For optimum effect, the packaging also uses a gelling bubble spot UV varnish to highlight the lines of the graphic design. The varnish is printed on the uncoated side to further enhance the tactile effect.

Focus on sustainability

By building the packaging, Zuivere Koffie has also succeeded in achieving its sustainability goal. 99 percent of all coffee packaging worldwide is made of aluminum on the inside and plastic on the outside, which makes recycling difficult. Zuivere Koffie’s inner plastic packaging has a special, patented plastic valve and is suitable for plastic recycling. The outer packaging is made of MetsäBoard Classic FBB cardboard, which is printed with environmentally friendly inks and can be easily recycled after use.

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