30 Million Less Plastic Covers

With a new packaging system for its clothing range, Tchibo is focusing primarily on cardboard and waste paper. The system, which has been tinkered with for years, has already been registered for a patent – and brings Tchibo a good deal closer to its own sustainability goals.

The packaging solution should be as plastic-free as possible, but also offer sufficient protection. The solution should use as little material as possible, yet still have all the important information on the product. After much trial and error, Tchibo has now presented a new packaging concept: A prefabricated cardboard sleeve is folded around the textiles from below, and a cardboard insert in the form of a hanger serves as a stabiliser. The system is not yet entirely without plastic. The suspension that holds the construction together is still made of recycled plastic. However, Tchibo says it is to be replaced by a waste paper solution by the end of the year.

Patent pending

According to the information provided, the new packaging is a worldwide unique concept, which is patent pending. There will be no more plastic packaging for new textiles in stores, supermarket depots and online shops. Tchibo wants to save 30 million plastic packaging and a further 60 million transport packaging. For the time being, jewellery and products with sensitive surfaces are excluded. For Tchibo, the new concept is an important milestone in its sustainability strategy. At the beginning of the year, Tchibo had already freed almost all so-called hard goods from plastic packaging, such as kitchen utensils and toys.

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