A Frog Unpacks

A display designed to appeal to children: crayons and paints manufactured by Staedtler are presented in a way that is appropriate for the target group.

In Staedtler’s current secondary placement campaign, a friendly smiling, contour-punched frog sets the accents: The display, which was developed, produced, and manufactured by Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG for the Noris junior brand, presents children’s crayons and finger paints as well as crayons for children from the age of two. The on-the-counter display is designed to create a multicolored and imagination-stimulating scene in the smallest possible space.

The total of six different coloring and drawing utensils in the on-the-counter box are arranged next to each other in front of the frog, which also forms the back wall and topper; hanging from blister hooks, the crayons are positioned above the pencils on the right and left. In total, the box can display almost 40 individual packs of the various products. A five-color offset print including spot color lets the theme-defining frog shine in childlike painting. The counter display’s lasting stability and load-bearing capacity is ensured by the material combination of kraft cardboard laminated on both sides with corrugated board. It can be effortlessly reloaded again and again, explains Panther. After the end of the presentation campaign, the display is recycled via the wastepaper material cycle.

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