Berry Market Leader Converts Packaging

Driscoll’s, the global leader in fresh berries, has switched its packaging from plastic to paper.

Companies in the food industry are increasingly converting their packaging from plastic to paper. Driscoll’s, the global leader in fresh berries, has recently switched to paperboard packaging made from paper certified by the FSC international certification system for more sustainable forest management. The cardboard packaging is fully recyclable. The transparent PP top film is also recyclable. The viewing window allows consumers to see the quality of the strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries for themselves without touching them. The packaging has been pressure tested – to check that the flavor of the berries is preserved.

94 percent less plastic

Driscoll’ s is committed to reducing the amount of plastic used in its packaging. “This balances functional aspects, particularly food waste prevention, shelf life, recyclability, and versatility, with our responsibility to protect the environment,” the company says. The new paper packaging is an important step along this path, the company states, as it saves 94 percent plastic. In addition, a recent life cycle assessment has shown that the packaging reduced the carbon footprint by 45 percent compared to previous standard plastic packaging, Driscoll’s says.

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