Eye-catching packaging design

The firm Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG has launched a limited edition of its Chio Chips crisps with specially designed packaging.

Since June 2019 the Chio Chips Limited Edition Bud Spencer & Terence Hill from Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG has been in the supermarkets. Based on the two cinema heroes of the 1970s, Bud Spencer stands for crisps with baked beans, and Terence Hill for crisps with a spicy chicken taste.

Matching the chosen theme, attention-grabbing crisp packets with portraits of the two heroes were also designed. The design was inspired by the beginnings of the two cinema heroes at the time. According to the producer, “it is based on the unmistakable style of the film posters from the 1970s, freely following the slogan: “Trinity is still my name”. To this day, this film is one of the ten most successful films of all time.

The packets are a limited edition. According to the producer, only one million of the packets will be available in stores throughout Germany. In addition, the limited edition will be supported by targeted marketing measures: These include wide-ranging online activation as well as a modern secondary placement at the POS.

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