“Most sustainable milk bottle” from 100 per cent rePET

NÖM AG describes itself as Austria’s first (and so far only) carbon dioxide neutral dairy. According to NÖM, the company now presents the most sustainable milk bottle from 100 per cent rePET.

“As the leading producer of bottled milk products in Austria and throughout Europe, we are aware of our responsibility and are the only carbon dioxide-neutral dairy in Austria to use packaging that leaves the lowest carbon footprint and is good for the environment in the long term,” explains Erik Hofstädter, Marketing and Sales Manager at NÖM AG. “Milk products are very sensitive and can react violently to packaging materials. The new, innovative rePET bottle combines food safety with environmental protection. The current ecobalance shows that we’ve taken the right approach with rePET, giving a clear advantage over glass packaging for the environment,” says Hofstädter. He continues to explain that the 100 percent rePET milk bottle from NÖM AG is recycled and recyclable. The bottle is made of recycled material and is completely recyclable due to its transparency, so that it can be returned to the recycling cycle without any problems.

The recently presented ecological balance sheet for packaging supports NÖM’s objectives. Currently, the company uses 25 per cent rePET in the entire PET range, to be continuously increased to 50 per cent in the coming years. With the first 100 per cent rePET milk bottle, NÖM is nailing its ambitious goals to the mast.

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