New packaging for Ritter Sport Cocoa Selection

Ritter Sport presents its Cocoa Selection in duty-free shops at airports in a new two-piece packaging with an unusual design and élite appearance.

Pure cocoa enjoyment is at the heart of the Cocoa Selection, Ritter Sport explains. Exclusively for the duty-free sector, the three cocoa varieties of the Cocoa Selection are now “successfully presented by the high-quality packaging by packaging service provider colordruck Baiersbronn”. Uniquely impressive packaging with appealingly designed motifs are very popular in the duty free and travel retail sector. These products motivate travellers to buy a gift, a stylish souvenir, or simply something for themselves. The new Ritter Sport Cocoa Selection catches the eye immediately. The embossed cocoa fruit is the centrepiece of the packaging. “The hot-foil embossed packaging produced by colordruck Baiersbronn is the perfect look for the Ritter Sport Cocoa Selection Deluxe in the duty free shop.”

The high-quality packaging is impressive, with its strikingly elegant look, exclusive design and elaborate shape. The practical chocolate packaging is easy to open and reseal, and perfectly captures the sensuous pleasure of chocolate.

The innovative folding box manufacturer from the northern Black Forest is developing into a packaging service provider, with a reputation for offbeat packaging.  Founded in 1954, the family business produces around one billion packages a year on 33,000 square metres of floor space. Prominent customers from the food, confectionery, pharmaceutical and non-food sectors have successfully positioned themselves through its sustainable packaging solutions.

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