New Packaging Logo

With immediate effect, distributors of packaging have the option of labeling their packaging with waste separation instructions.

The symbols show consumers how to separate and dispose of packaging correctly. A total of nine participating dual systems are making the new packaging logo available free of charge. The aim of the offer is to increase the collection volumes in the yellow garbage cans and sacks in the long term and to improve the quality of the recyclable materials collected. The need for action is great: an average of 30 percent of incorrectly disposed waste in the yellow garbage can or bag makes it difficult or impossible to recycle valuable raw materials. Around 200,000 companies are currently registered with the Central Packaging Register (ZSVR). The demand from companies for offers to educate consumers on how to properly dispose of packaging is correspondingly high. With the new separation instructions, the participating dual systems are offering the companies registered with the ZSVR a trans-manufacturer and free solution for this for the first time. The Stylex company has already opted for the new packaging logo. “We are aware of the importance of the topic ‘proper waste separation’ and the product responsibility associated with it”, explains Sönke Carstensen, managing director at Stylex Schreibwaren GmbH. The stationery manufacturer says it will print the separation instructions on its packaging starting fall 2021.

Hochland Deutschland GmbH will also use the new packaging logo on its “Grünländer” brand products from September 2021 on. “We are pleased to be the first brand from the food industry to use the new separation notice starting in September 2021”, said Markus Birzer, Head of Brand Grünländer.

Simple symbols show consumers at a glance whether the packaging – depending on the type of material – must be disposed of in the yellow garbage can or the yellow bag, in waste paper or in glass containers. A combination of material types can also be depicted with the packaging logo. At the same time, the logo can be individually modified according to the needs of the manufacturer. For example, the addition of text elements or QR codes is possible. The QR codes direct users to further information such as short films and consumer tips, which are also provided by the dual systems.

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