PepsiCo: Snacking More Sustainably

PepsiCo continues to drive its sustainable transformation. By 2030, the company aims to use only recycled plastic in its snack packaging.

This goal applies to the Doritos and Lay’s brands in the DACH region. To achieve this, only recycled or sustainable plastic is to be used in the manufacture of the packaging in the time to come. In the future, PepsiCo will switch to materials that are easier to recycle for the flexible packaging of snacks and chips. By using innovative technologies, PepsiCo is adapting the design of its packaging so that it contains greater proportions of recyclable plastics such as polypropylene, meaning so-called mono-materials. In this, PepsiCo is following the guidelines for recyclable design developed by the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX).

“We are working toward a future in which flexible packaging is part of the circular economy. Together with PepsiCo, we have improved the material technologies of the new snack packs to make them easier to recycle. And we are beginning to integrate sustainable and recycled materials into PepsiCo’s packaging. To meet the needs of customers like PepsiCo, we are also encouraging our upstream partners to invest in the supply chain of these new materials,” says Gerald Rebitzer, Sustainability Director at AMCO, PepsiCo’s European flexible packaging partner.

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