Protection despite reduced film thickness

A new monofilm is the ingredient for the bag packaging of French fries and other frozen potato products from Agrarfrost.

“There is an urgent need for more far-reaching solutions than simply the complete recycling of plastic-reduced packaging in order to find a truly sustainable solution for the general packaging plastic problem,” is how Managing Director Manfred Wulf describes the sustainability goals of Agrarfrost. The frozen potato product producer, Agrarfrost, has a new packaging for French fries and other potato products.

With significantly reduced film thickness, the pouch packaging continues to protect the product optimally while offering consumers the same quality and feel. In an elaborate manufacturing process, the new monofilm (polyethylene) has been specially developed for this purpose and given special, unique properties. “When consumers reach for Agrarfrost products in the freezer, they still experience the accustomed feeling of top quality despite the significantly reduced film thickness thanks to the innovative and unique production process,” explains Wulf.

With this innovative pouch packaging, the family business is taking a further step towards sustainability. Agrarfrost had already launched its new folding cartons without plastic coating for potato pancakes and fritters at the beginning of the year. It is planned that by the end of the year, all the bag packages with the more environmentally friendly new film packaging for Agrarfrost French fries and frozen potato specialities should also be available in the shops. Agrarfrost also offers its trading partners sustainable packaging solutions tailored to the respective customer requirements, which can significantly reduce the use of plastic.

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