Trend drink without plastic lid

Convenience is on everyone’s lips: trendy drinks such as Lassi or Caffe Latte from the refrigerated shelf are usually packaged in disposable plastic cups with plastic lids. The Swiss dairy Biedermann has developed a more sustainable alternative.

Trendy products such as Lassi usually come with a plastic lid. The Biedermann dairy now manufactures its Bio-Lassi product line without plastic lids. A simple drinking opening replaces this lid. With its new approach, Molkerei Biedermann has created a packaging innovation on the Swiss market. The products are available from Swiss and European organic retailers.

The drinking opening of the Swiss Lassi line is integrated into the aluminium closure of the product and is visible as soon as the customer removes the foil cover. The new packaging has two advantages: it is more sustainable, thanks to less plastic waste, and the drinking opening is sealed, completely airtight and germ-free. “With this new packaging, we are reducing annual plastic consumption by around 2.2 tons,” explains Daniel Knill, Head of Sales and Marketing at Molkerei Biedermann. The dairy’s aim is to transfer this innovation to other dairy products as well. In addition to the new packaging, the entire design of the Bio-Lassi line was also revised.


Especially for beverages the benchmark for packaging is particularly high, as it has to protect the valuable content and also look as attractive as possible. At FachPack you will see innovative solutions from innovative exhibitors. More information can be found here.

According to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, valuable resources such as wood and plastic as well as water and energy are required for disposable cups, even though the useful life of the disposable cups is only around 15 minutes. Disposable cups for cold drinks are primarily made of fossil plastic, typically polypropylene, polystyrene and PET. Added to this are the plastic lids, which are usually made of polystyrene. More and more German retailers are looking for alternatives to this type of packaging – because the trend towards cold to-go beverages is continuing. Kaufland, for example, has been selling its private label K-to-go cold drinks without plastic lids for some time, replacing it with a drinking opening integrated into the aluminium closure.

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