“Step on the Gas!”

Sustainability is the biggest growth market, says packaging expert Thomas Reiner, CEO of the Berndt and Partner Group. However, he says, the packaging industry needs to recognize and seize this opportunity even more. There is also a need to catch up when it comes to digitalization.

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Pleasure for the Good Conscience

The Leipzig-based startup Nucao wants to be a pioneer for vegan and sustainable chocolate products and now relies on primary packaging made of paper by Koehler Paper. In an interview, Mathias Tholey, CEO and one of the founders of Nucao, and Mathias Schwarz, packaging engineer at Nucao, report that they want to convert all packaging before the end of this year (2023).

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Every Candy Counts

On confectionery packaging, manufacturers must also indicate the number of individually wrapped sweets – for example, wrapped candies. This was decided by the Federal Administrative Court (BVG) in Leipzig on March 9, 2023.

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Kitkat Bar in Paper Packaging

Nestlé Australia is forging ahead with more sustainable confectionery packaging. Nestlé’s Kitkat bar is being sold in paper wrappers in Australian Coles stores on a trial basis.

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Lidl Sets New Standards in Children’s Products

From now on,  discounter Lidl will no longer advertise unhealthy foods – such as over-sugared yogurts or drinks or chocolate – aimed at children. The packaging of its own brands will also be changed. Exceptions are to be made for promotional items at Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. So advertising for chocolate Easter bunnies is still okay for Lidl.

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Award for “Haribo Goldbären”

The 2022 German Packaging Dialog’s “Packaging of the Year” award goes to “Haribo Goldbären.” The iconic brand with worldwide recognition is 100 years old and still presents itself in a modern, classic design, according to the expert jury. The award ceremony took place during the 25th Packaging Dialogue at the Heidelberg Packaging Museum.

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Lorenz Becomes a Partner of Plastic Bank

The snack manufacturer Lorenz has started a cooperation with the social enterprise “Plastic Bank”. The common goal is to prevent plastic from entering rivers and oceans while supporting poverty alleviation in countries of the global south.

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