LinkedIn Campaigns Instead of Cold Calls

The need for sustainable packaging ideas poses such a challenge to the consumer goods industry that it is open to new suppliers. Packaging suppliers must, therefore, become visible and searchable with their solutions on the web, says Matthias Giebel of Berndt + Partner Consultants – even if that means putting customer acquisitions on completely new feet.

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E-Commerce Success Story Prevails

FACHPACK will be held under the slogan”Transition In Packaging”, which describes the changes currently taking place in the industry. These are also characterized by increasing e-commerce. The range of shipping materials and packaging for online trade is also growing. Sustainable and digital solutions are the trend.

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Attitude and Consumption: How Brands Position Themselves

More and more, people are asking about the attitude of a brand, whether it is socially, ecologically, or politically oriented. Alexander Glück, Managing Director of Brand Consulting at the advertising agency Pahnke GmbH & Co. KG knows how brands with a focus on morale and consumption differ. His conclusion: it does not always have to be either/or.

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Inflation Increases Interest in Sustainable Packaging

Although inflation is putting a financial strain on people in Germany, two out of three consumers attach importance to sustainable packaging, according to a study by management consultants Simon-Kucher & Partners. One in three even more so than before the crisis. According to the study, most consumers would also pay more – an average surcharge of eight percent.

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OTTO Ships Orders in Compostable Bags

OTTO is the first online store in Germany to send selected online orders in fully compostable, biodegradable shipping bags. These are made of grass paper and a bio-based plastic substitute that is produced from plant waste and, according to the manufacturer, degrades within two weeks.

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