IFFA: Packaging of the Future Is Environmentally Friendly, Safe and Durable

Food packaging for sausage and meat products must meet a wide range of requirements. Product protection and shelf life are paramount. Changing consumer behavior has contributed to a focus on sustainable products in packaging as well. Additional pressure is exerted by stricter legal requirements. Innovations are therefore aimed at reducing material use, recyclability, and packaging made from renewable raw materials. These can be seen at IFFA from May 14 to 19, 2022, in Frankfurt.

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Aluminum Can Scores High in Recycling

A study commissioned by the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) on the recycling of three beverage packaging materials – aluminum, glass, and plastic (PET) – shows that aluminum cans contribute the most to the circular economy internationally.

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Microplastics Detected in Human Blood for the First Time

Microplastic particles have been detected in human blood for the first time. Dutch researchers analyzed 22 blood samples from 22 anonymous donors and found residues of plastic in 17 of the tests. Half of the samples tested contained PET plastic, which is commonly used in beverage bottles.

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More Bans Instead of Regulations?

At the German Packaging Law Day in Frankfurt on Wednesday, experts discussed regulations in the packaging sector. They also discussed controversial topics such as plastic taxes, special levies, and littering funds.

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What Manufacturers Need To Consider In 2022

Anyone putting packaging into circulation bears responsibility for the product. In this interview, Gunda Rachut, Chair of Germany’s Central
Packaging Register (ZSVR), explains what manufacturers need to consider and which regulations have been added in 2022.

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