“Our Industry is Sexy”

In the Packaging Valley network, member companies join forces to do everything they can to recruit, qualify and retain employees. In an interview, chairwoman Sabine Gauger talks about the shortage of skilled workers in the packaging sector, career opportunities and the appeal of “Made in Germany”.

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Best Practice and Brand Insights at the Dresden Packaging Conference

Around 200 participants from the industry met for the 32nd Dresden Packaging Conference. The focus was on ideas and opportunities for sustainable and recyclable packaging. The spectrum ranged from innovative, fiber-based materials, technologies, and software to strategies and analyses for companies and analyses of regulatory activities.

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Packaging Shortcomings Dampen E-Commerce Appetite

DS Smith, a leading provider of sustainable, fiber-based packaging, reveals in a new representative survey that more than half of the people in Germany intend to spend more time at home due to the rising cost of living. These stays are to be embellished with “comfort purchases.” Four out of ten say they will spend their money on small luxuries instead of going out.

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New EU Packaging Regulation Becomes a Bone of Contention

The EU Commission plans to replace the directive on packaging and packaging waste with a new packaging regulation soon. The aim are more uniform rules within the EU. Criticism of the regulation, which has not yet been published, is coming from the German Corrugated Board Industry Association (VDW).

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Plastic Recycling Through Artificial Intelligence

To close the loop for plastic packaging, 51 partners are participating in a new AI application hub. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the measure aims to improve the sustainability of plastic packaging along the entire value chain in two innovation labs.

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Longer Shelf Life Thanks to Protective Coating on Fruit Trays

The Apeel company presents new study results showing the potential of its technological innovation for extended food freshness and the resulting savings. The EDEKA Group (EDEKA and Netto Marken-Discount) has been implementing the innovative Apeel process in its fruit and vegetable departments as the first supermarkets in Germany.

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