Reusable For the Retail Trade

Reusable concepts in food retailing are on the rise. Sustainability in shopping is important to consumers and retailers. The HDE has published a special guide on this topic. The IFCO Group is one of the major reusable suppliers for fresh food -– but there are more packaging solutions that offer an alternative to single-use systems.

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Longer Shelf Life Thanks to Protective Coating on Fruit Trays

The Apeel company presents new study results showing the potential of its technological innovation for extended food freshness and the resulting savings. The EDEKA Group (EDEKA and Netto Marken-Discount) has been implementing the innovative Apeel process in its fruit and vegetable departments as the first supermarkets in Germany.

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Lidl Introduces “Rescue Bag”

The discounter Lidl is now offering fruit and vegetables the packaging of which has been damaged or which no longer look perfect on the outside at a standard price of three euros per bag. With the “rescue bag”, the Schwarz Group company wants to take action against food waste.

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First Silphia Packaging at Kaufland

With “OutNature”, PreZero, the Schwarz Group’s waste disposal and recycling company, is launching sustainable packaging based on the silphia plant in the retail sector. The packaging is now being used for the first time in the fruit and vegetable sector at Kaufland.

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More Fruits in a Protective Coating

Edeka is adding two more fruits to its Apeel range: Grapefruits and lemons now also receive the plant-based protective coating. The Apeel process is already used for avocados, oranges, clementines and tangerines.

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