Recycled Aluminum for Deodorant Sprays

Drugstore retailer Rossmann is taking further steps toward sustainability with its own brand Isana. Twelve deodorant sprays are getting sustainable packaging. Instead of using primary aluminum, Rossmann says it will use 100 percent recycled aluminum for the spray cans of its deodorants in the future.

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Plastic-free Tootbrush Packaging

Awarded this year’s German Packaging Prize and the European Carton Excellence Award 2021: the plastic-free toothbrush packaging from GSK Consumer Healthcare and its partners Karl Knauer KG and M+C Schiffer, produced on ILLIG HSU 35b packaging systems.

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Gillette and Gillette Venus in cardboard

Procter & Gamble is introducing plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging for its Gillette and Gillette Venus system razors in April 2021. The switch is expected to save around 545 tons of plastic annually across Europe.

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Solid Shampoo and Shower Care by Henkel

Henkel is expanding its range of solid items under the “Nature Box Beauty Care ” brand to include further variants. The solid shampoos and shower care products eliminate the need for the usual plastic bottles for liquid products and are packaged in recyclable paper.

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Body Care in Powder Form

Levy & Frey is a Berlin-based start-up with a clear mission: sustainability is the top priority, and disposable plastic should be avoided wherever possible. The online store has therefore been offering sustainable body care in powder form since December 2020.

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Rollable Like a Tube

Beiersdorf reports a breakthrough in bottles for Nivea body lotion: a new packaging design uses 50 percent less plastic. The bottle can be rolled up, similar to a toothpaste tube, making it easier for consumers to empty.

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Refillable Shampoo Bottles from P&G Beauty

Procter & Gamble has announced the introduction of a system of reusable and refillable aluminum bottles for Head & Shoulders, Pantene Pro-V, Herbal Essences and Aussie in Europe. This is expected to save 300 million bottles of new plastic every year.

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Henkel Makes Beauty Care More Sustainable

As part of a relaunch of the beauty care brands Nature Box, Gliss Kur and Syoss, the packaging portfolio will also be made more sustainable. For example, the use of recycled materials has been further increased. And soot-free ink has been used for black packaging.

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