Money is Not Everything

Promotion opportunities guaranteed: The packaging industry offers attractive jobs. Packaging Valley spares no effort to spark enthusiasm in skilled workers and young talent for its member companies and the industry.

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Lidl Sets New Standards in Children’s Products

From now on,  discounter Lidl will no longer advertise unhealthy foods – such as over-sugared yogurts or drinks or chocolate – aimed at children. The packaging of its own brands will also be changed. Exceptions are to be made for promotional items at Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. So advertising for chocolate Easter bunnies is still okay for Lidl.

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Making Reusable Tableware a Clean Solution

Since January 1, 2023, catering establishments have had to offer reusable tableware for takeaway food and drinks. There are exceptions for smaller restaurants with less than 80 square meters of space. Microbiologist Prof. Dr. Marion Stoffels-Schmid explains to foodservice what needs to be considered from a hygienic point of view when it come to reusable containers.

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Paint Tray Made From Hemp Grass

Miss Pompadour, an e-commerce supplier of B2C paints and varnishes, is focusing on alternative utensils and sustainable materials. The plastic tub is to gradually disappear completely from the range and be replaced by ecological alternatives.

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More Recycling of Labels

To offer its customers sustainable label solutions, Faller Packaging follows the motto “Reduce, Recycle, Rethink.” The pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer reduces label material, uses recycling programs for liner material and creates a recyclable label design.

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Sustainability in Purchasing Becomes Standard

Sustainability in purchasing is now important to the majority of customers in Germany. For two-thirds of those under 35, this is a decisive factor in their purchasing decision. This is the result of a recent representative PwC online survey.

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New Alternative to Plastic

Replacing virgin plastic with recyclable materials is one of the biggest challenges on the road to greater sustainability. A newly developed material, Camm Solutions, is said to succeed for the first time in retaining all the positive functions of plastic and deleting the negative ones. “The material is a breakthrough. It can be made into just about any shape and function, and at the end of its life cycle it dissolves in water without leaving any residue,” says Christoph Bertsch, co-founder of Camm Solutions.

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Packaging Combines Luxury and Sustainability

When packaging is eye-catching, designers have been at work. When it also showcases craftsmanship, it is a feast for the eyes. For “Make A Mark”, an international incubator for innovative and sustainable solutions in luxury packaging design, designers have developed prototypes for fancy perfume bottles, fine spirits bottles, and prestigious wine bottles. Among the partners is the German company Leonhard Kurz.

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A Reward for Returning the Box

If the start-up “wir.kiste.kreis” has its way, shipping packages will no longer end up in the waste paper container in the future, but at a take-back point. The new system should be sustainable and economical for retailers and still offer a reward for customers.

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Sparkling Wine Without a Label

The holidays and New Year’s Eve are approaching: the bubbly can already be put on ice. The young company Heinz Wagner Sekt has launched the “No Paper Label” campaign. The information about the content of the sparkling wine will no longer be on a label. A wet idea?

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