Crystal Clear for Reusable Systems

“Re-Use as a successful concept for sustainability”: that was the theme of a FACHPACK-forum at PACKBOX. Experts presented ideas and practical examples for the packaging of the future, including glass reusable systems and a digital system for stainless steel trays.

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First Product Packaging for People with Visual Impairments

New technology aims to make shopping easier for people with visual impairments: a code on the packaging allows smartphones to recognize ingredients and nutritional information and play it back to consumers. All packaging of products sold by Kellogg in Europe will be converted from January 2022.

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“Headline Politics Won’t Get us Anywhere”

As part of the German Packaging Congress 2021, Kim Cheng demands not to commit to certain types of packaging in an image-driven way. Nevertheless, the managing director of the dvi is pleased that packaging is being certified by consumers as having made progress in terms of sustainability.

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Paper Tubes with Unique Designs

Starting in April Kneipp will be trying out paper tubes for its “Intensiv Handcreme” in its own stores. And addressing customers via more individual packaging design. Philipp Keil, Head of Packaging Materials Management at Kneipp, sees great potential for the future in both.

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Diamant Zucker Becomes More Emotional

With sweet messages on sugar sticks and a revised design approach for the entire product range, Diamant Zucker wants to reposition itself in the market. This includes a new website that serves as a central communication platform.

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The Label as Unique Specimen

For a special edition of the Portuguese Fonte Alegre Rosado, Hawesko is using hypercustomization as a marketing tool: every single label on the bottles is individually designed. If the campaign is well received by the customers, the technology is to be used more widely.

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Visual Repositioning for Veganz

To communicate a new product category attractively to the consumer and make it unmistakable: Veganz, a pioneer in plant-based food, set itself this task together with Studio Oeding. The result is impressive. And it shows the importance of packaging in marketing.

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Signals with Depth Effect

Small “nudges”, such as the placement of the “Nutri-Score” on packaging, influence buying behaviour: This is suggested by research results from the Leuphana University of Lüneburg and the Nordakademie.

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