New EU Packaging Regulation Becomes a Bone of Contention

The EU Commission plans to replace the directive on packaging and packaging waste with a new packaging regulation soon. The aim are more uniform rules within the EU. Criticism of the regulation, which has not yet been published, is coming from the German Corrugated Board Industry Association (VDW).

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Orientation in the Packaging Jungle

At the third “Österreichischer Verpackungstag” (Austrian Day of Packaging) organized by the FH Campus Wien, the focus was on the challenges of recycling-friendly packaging design. The international packaging design guideline presented for this purpose provides uniform recommendations for the industry.

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“Headline Politics Won’t Get us Anywhere”

As part of the German Packaging Congress 2021, Kim Cheng demands not to commit to certain types of packaging in an image-driven way. Nevertheless, the managing director of the dvi is pleased that packaging is being certified by consumers as having made progress in terms of sustainability.

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Warning Label for Single-Use Plastics

Many single-use plastic products will be banned in the EU starting July 2021. Some others that cannot currently be banned will in future bear a special label warning of environmental damage caused by plastic. This is what the federal cabinet in Germany has now decided.

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Packaging Law About to Be Amended

The Federal Cabinet has passed a resolution, and the Bundestag and Bundesrat are now deciding on new requirements for packaging in Germany. The planned changes include strengthening reusable “to-go packaging” and extending the mandatory deposit on disposable packaging.

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Food Labeling for Exports to the UK

Following Brexit, Mettler-Toledo recommends that food companies find out at an early stage about the labeling requirements that will apply in the future when exporting to the UK. And to consider the implications for labeling and label inspection.

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