Deposit Machine Accepts Packaging

Reusable containers for beverages have long been the norm. Now, packaging for coffee or cocoa, for example, should also be able to end up in the deposit machines. This is made possible by stainless steel containers from the Frankfurt-based start-up company Circolution, which are compatible with existing deposit machines in supermarkets. The resulting new returnable system can be extended to all food segments and sales channels, explain companies such as Nestlé, which are participating in it.

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Battle for Talent

From mechatronics engineer to managing director – such steep careers are possible in the packaging industry. But the industry is suffering from staff shortages. Companies that do not live New Work credibly have no chance of attracting talented young people.

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New Alternative to Plastic

Replacing virgin plastic with recyclable materials is one of the biggest challenges on the road to greater sustainability. A newly developed material, Camm Solutions, is said to succeed for the first time in retaining all the positive functions of plastic and deleting the negative ones. “The material is a breakthrough. It can be made into just about any shape and function, and at the end of its life cycle it dissolves in water without leaving any residue,” says Christoph Bertsch, co-founder of Camm Solutions.

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A Reward for Returning the Box

If the start-up “wir.kiste.kreis” has its way, shipping packages will no longer end up in the waste paper container in the future, but at a take-back point. The new system should be sustainable and economical for retailers and still offer a reward for customers.

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